How many times have you started a diet only to be disappointed by the results and found yourself either giving up shortly afterwards, or coming off the rails after the diet ends? Consequently the weight can pile back on – usually more than you started with; so you move on to the next diet and the cycle starts all over again.

Sound familiar? This is known as ‘yo-yo’ dieting,

Yo Yo Dieting is a habit that sadly many people adopt as a permanent lifestyle choice. The good news is hypnotherapy can help you to escape this unhealthy regime of starvation, deprivation and misery – for good!

By using hypnotherapy you can uncover the underlying cause of your weight issue … this is why diets fail.

You can discover the reasons why you struggle with your weight, which will allow you to make positive changes to your thoughts and behaviour, including eliminating any bad habits e.g. comfort eating.

Remember – This is not quick fix or another fad diet.

Hypnotherapy simply allows you to make subtle changes to your lifestyle, which will lead you to lose weight steadily and sustain your desired weight and size easily. There is no diet, no weighing or measuring and there are no forbidden foods. Therefore you will never need to feel deprived again!

Using hypnosis for weight loss allows you to lose excess weight naturally and easily without the need for a diet as you will change your attitude and your behaviour around food.

Food will taste better and you will develop healthier eating habits. It will seem effortless and often the results are amazing. What’s more, you will start to feel better about yourself as your confidence and self-esteem will also improve.

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