People often think this is an easy solution to weight loss. The truth is, ‘yes’ hypnosis does make it easier to lose excess weight, and ‘no’ you don’t need to diet; but it still requires some determination from the participant.

The hypnotic gastric band is not a ‘magic wand’ solution to losing weight. But, if you do have a lot of weight to lose, drastic intervention may be required and the hypnotic gastric band can provide a maintainable and sustainable solution.

This is a drastic measure, but it will allow you to shed excess weight by restricting your intake of food safely and naturally – unlike an actual gastric band surgical procedure, which can be dangerous and very expensive.

Most people who come for gastric band hypnosis notice changes to their eating habits within the first week.

Although with others, it can take a little more time to register the changes. It largely depends on the participant’s commitment and determination to succeed, as well as how susceptible they might be to hypnosis.

However, there is no doubt that by using gastric band hypnosis the amount of food you are able to consume will be dramatically reduced.

Additionally, making positive changes to your lifestyle and eating habits, will allow you to shed the excess weight and continue to live life fully and naturally in the way nature intended …without all the well documented risks associated with actual gastric band surgery.