Unfortunately anxiety can affect anyone at any time, and although most people experience a relatively mild form of anxiety when facing particularly stressful situations eg. public speaking or a performance. Anxiety disorders can be severe and often have a negative affect on life for the individual.

Anxiety can be brought on by apprehension or a fear i.e. something that happened, or what we think happened and dread happening again. Therefore, when someone suffers from anxiety it may lead to avoiding certain situations because they fear their anxiety may be triggered.

For someone who suffers from anxiety, their risk of developing panic attacks is increased. This is because anxiety and panic attacks tend to go hand-in-hand. It may be that the anxiety causes an overwhelming feeling which escalates to a panic attack. Alternatively, panic attacks can cause the individual to become anxious about having future attacks.

Hypnotherapy can effectively treat anxiety and panic attacks by discovering the root cause of the anxiety and changing the individual’s perception of the past event, or de-sensitise the emotion associated with it. This will teach the individual to cope with situations that trigger fear by learning to recognise and deal with particular situations effectively and calmly.

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