What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a safe and natural process used to access the subconscious mind in order to make positive changes to the way you think, behave and feel.

Does hypnosis work?

Yes it does. Some people may respond differently to others and having confidence in the technique helps. It is a very powerful process, which can be used to make positive and beneficial changes to your life.

Can anyone be hypnotised?

Yes virtually anyone can be hypnotised, although no one can be hypnotised against their own will. It’s easy to go into hypnosis because it’s a normal state of mind most of us experience on a daily basis. For example, when you’re focusing on a book or texting and you don’t even notice what’s going on around you, as you are completely absorbed in the task at hand.

Will I lose control?

Contrary to popular belief, you remain in control at all times during hypnosis. You are alert, totally aware of all your senses, and you can end the hypnotic state whenever you want to.

When in hypnosis, will I be made to act against my will?

No, you won’t. Your subconscious mind will not accept anything that goes against your usual ethical judgement. This notion usually stems from the misconception of stage hypnosis, wherein participants can be made to respond to outrageous suggestions. It is worth noting that the participant has volunteered and permission would have already been given to the hypnotist.

Can you get stuck in hypnosis?

No, this is a myth. Some people may find they become so relaxed during hypnosis that they fall in and out of natural sleep but this is not a problem. You are able to break or emerge from the hypnotic trance at any time.

Are you unconscious in hypnosis?

No. Hypnotherapy is not the same as being ‘knocked out’. You have a heightened state of awareness in hypnosis; so even though you are deeply relaxed and comfortable, you are still fully alert and aware of everything going on around you.

How much does it cost?

For details of fees, please see Pricing.

How many sessions will I need?

In most cases between 2 and 6 sessions are all that is required, but this does depend on the issue being treated and how complex the problem is*. The aim of hypnotherapy is to help you in as few sessions as possible. An estimate will be given at your initial consultation.

*Excludes smoking cessation, which usually requires just 1 session.

Can children be hypnotised?

Yes, when a parent or guardian are present. It is usually preferable that the child is above the age of 7.

Is everything I say confidential?

Please be assured anything said in the session will be treated as completely confidential.

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