By using the hypnotic gastric band program your mind will believe that you have actually had a gastric band fitted. This is a sustainable and maintainable solution to weight problems, which will help you to shed the excess weight and keep it off by eating much less that you used to.

Over a course of 4 sessions you will go through the process of changing any unhealthy habits and behaviour around food, and additionally the preparation and procedure of having an imaginary gastric band fitted using hypnosis.

By using suggestion and visualisation your mind will be convinced that a gastric band has been fitted and that your stomach has become much smaller, and subsequently that you need less food. By eating less – and less often you will begin to lose weight*.

Hypnotic Gastric Band FAQs

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* We’re all different. Some people respond better to hypnotherapy than others. Results can vary and no hypnotherapist can guarantee 100% success with every client.