With so much information available on the reasons why you should stop smoking, and the many different ways to help you give up cigarettes, it can seem a little confusing which route to take.

However, did you know that, by using hypnotherapy, you can quickly and easily stop smoking? This means that within a very short amount of time (85% of my clients only needed 1 session to successfully give up smoking*), you can actually become a happy non-smoker.

How does Hypnotherapy work?

Firstly I’ll guide you into a very relaxed state where your subconscious mind becomes very receptive to new programming. Your subconscious is like an incredibly powerful computer and hypnotherapy is like adding a new app or program! We’ll work together to establish what’s stopping you from quitting and then I’ll give your subconscious new instructions – removing the triggers that make you smoke.

The session also breaks all the links to smoking, eliminates the cravings and gets the nicotine to leave your body in 48 hours. Additionally, you should have no desire to substitute smoking with food, nail biting or any other undesirable habit. A non-smoker does not need anything to replace the nicotine.

It’s EASY to STOP smoking with hypnotherapy.

“Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to
the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit. “

(New Scientist, Vol 136 issue 1845 31 Oct 92, page 6).

When I say it’s easy, I really mean it…it’s just a case of relaxing! You do need to be open and receptive to change though. So if you can honestly say you are ready and really want to stop, then hypnosis can make it effortless. Using the power of hypnosis and your own determination you can actually quit in no time at all!

Most people addicted to the habit of smoking would like to stop but don’t as they feel it would be too difficult. However, experiments have proven that hypnotherapy can be more successful than any of the NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) drugs currently on offer i.e. chewing gum, patches, etc. Plus you can expect none of the harmful side effects.

Using hypnosis to stop smoking makes quitting easy. If you are ready to stop, let me help you to re-programme your subconscious mind and become a non-smoker.

Smoking FAQ’s

Ready to STOP smoking?

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* We’re all different. Some people respond better to hypnotherapy than others. Results can vary and no hypnotherapist can guarantee 100% success with every client.